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Updated: Dec. 11 (15:10)
Missoula Fire assisting in Southern California wildfire siege
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2017 Operation Warm
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The Edmond Firefighter

I was not forced into service, nor was I coerced. I wanted this. I asked for this. I

chose this profession. I asked to serve with those standing here now and I asked to fill the

void left by the ones who made the way before I was born. My heart I will search daily

and allow it not to stray. Not to stray from a pure and perfect cause; to preserve life.

I will prepare for a moment that cannot be predicted. I will build on what my

peers, mentors and leaders teach me. I understand that my training is never over and I am

honest enough to admit it. I will earn my fellow firefighter’s trust and respect by putting

in work. I will be strong enough to admit my failures and own them. I will drill, study

and grow stronger. I will contribute to this team and earn my place. I will give my officer

confidence in my abilities. My fellow firefighters know that should they need me, I will

be there and I will bear their burdens. As they watch over me, I will watch over them.

My citizens will be safer because I am here. My heart will serve them with

empathy and compassion. Should they become sick or injured, I will treat them. If they

are lost, I will find them. If they are trapped, I will free them. If they are afraid, I will

comfort them. If they are stranded, I will find a way to them. And once I am there, I will

not leave their side. They may never know how long it took me to prepare for their

moment of crisis, but I am ready.

I live in a world that changes so much every day. My profession and my duties

will surely change with it. However, one constant will forever remain. Two groups of

people will always need me. My fellow firefighter and my citizen; and they will get my

very best.


All members are expected to contact the Executive Board or relevant committee any time they believe they have a disagreement, or grievance involving contract, policy, or law. It is unacceptable for members to make contact with, enter into negotiations with, or try to influence Fire Department Administration, or City Administration involving the above matters. The Exectutive Board, or designated Committee, through the E-Board, will make any and all contact with management in all matters relevent to the Local and it's members. Department business unrelated to union matters should obviously go through the proper chain of command.

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